Board and Batten Siding Cost: Wood, Fiber Cement, Vinyl, & More

Board & batten siding offers a refreshing alternative to standard horizontal siding. This vertically oriented siding gives any home a comfortable appeal ranging from traditional to country to farmhouse to rustic.

Many homeowners combine board & batten siding with other materials in a home’s exterior like stone, brick and, yes, horizontal planks.

Hardiepanel board-and-batten style vertical panel siding on a modern home

You have a good selection of options. Board and batten siding is produced in genuine wood, composite wood, fiber cement, steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

The cost of board & batten siding installed by a siding contractor is $12.00 to $27.00 per square foot depending on the material used and your home’s details and complexity. Prices are broken down below, so you can compare the cost of wood to fiber cement board & batten siding, for example, and all your other options.

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Total project cost estimates for each type and common house sizes are given, too.

The pros and cons of board & batten siding are discussed in the Buying Guide that is part of this board & batten siding review. It includes top board & batten siding brands for various types of material.

Board & Batten Siding Cost per Square Foot Comparison

Most homeowners are searching for the cost to have board & batten siding installed rather than DIY. As a result, this chart shows the cost of installed board & batten siding. There’s a cost tip below for those considering DIY.

Material Installed Cost/Sq. Ft. Average Total Cost
Vinyl $9.50 – $18.00 $15,200 – $33,500
Aluminum $11.50 – $17.50 $18,400 – $30,350
Steel $14.00 – $26.00 $22,400 – $43,750
Fiber Cement $11.50 – $22.00 $18,400 – $37,200
Composite $10.50 – $24.00 $16,800 – $38,400
Genuine Wood $12.00 – $27.00 $19,200 – $44,850

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