How to Install Vinyl Siding – DIY Guide

Updated on July 19th, 2021

Arguably, the best way to install lap vinyl siding is to get a professional siding contractor to do the job for you. That’s also twice as expensive as the alternative approach of doing it yourself. Since vinyl siding is only moderately challenging to install, at least on simple one-story homes, let’s walk through the process.

What this guide entails:

1. Tools and Materials for hanging siding
2. Insulation
3. Removing Old Siding
4. Quality Window and Door Trim
5. Preliminary Steps for Hanging Siding
6. Guide for Hanging Siding Pieces
7. Wrapping Up

Tools and Materials For Hanging Siding

The must have tools include:

  • Hammer – for fastening all pieces
  • Tin Snips – for cutting all pieces
  • Level – for aligning pieces horizontally and vertically
  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk line – ensures material is on a level line
  • Ladder(s)


Additional tool considerations:

  • Speed square – marking pieces with straight edge or as miter square for marking angled cuts, also as a protractor for measuring roof pitch
  • Circular Saw – alternative tool to tin snips, need to use a proper blade
  • Saw Horse – if using a circular saw
  • Stud Finder – to locate the optimal place for nails that hang siding
  • (Do not use) A Nail Gun – Siding is hung, not tightly fastened to walls
  • Pencil and paper – for notes along the way
  • Another human – Not really a tool, but this isn’t a project you can do alone, get a friend to help


  • Nails
  • Housewrap – also known as underlayment, provides moisture barrier, and sheathing over exterior walls
  • Siding system – which usually includes:
  • 12 foot siding panels (of your choice)
  • J-channel – often 12 ft. in length, trim pieces used for inside corners and around window, doors, etc.
  • Utility channel – also known as utility trim or undersill (often used under windows)
  • Corner moldings – also known as outside corner posts
  • Starter strips – where to start all walls that will receive siding
  • Drip Caps – additional pieces placed along top surfaces of doorways and windows.
Average Cost To Install New Siding Typical Range: $5,240 - $8,130
See costs in your area

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Top 22 Questions to Ask a Siding Contractor Before You Sign the Contract

Updated on July 19th, 2021

To vet or not to vet, that is the first question that you as homeowner must decide when considering a contractor for any siding work. What you want to rule out, without any debate, are scammers. — These are so called contractors who may have a good sales pitch but are interested only in your money. HouseLogic provides five scam scenarios to be on the lookout for.

via A2HomePros

There are many siding contractors seeking an honest living. Here the top 22 qualifying questions to determine if the contractor in question is the right fit for you.

Questions about the Worker

1. Where is your office located? How long has your company been in business?

These are the first type of questions to ask, or information for you to find out. It gets the ball rolling in a few directions. An established contractor likely has an office in your area. That’s a positive sign you’re not dealing with a scammer. If you aren’t thoroughly convinced by everything that follows, then take a drive to that office to be sure it exists.

Knowing how long they’ve been in business opens the door to their experience (more on that later).

These are very reasonable questions to ask, though chances are you can find out this information before having any contact with the contractor.

2. What are examples of jobs you’ve completed? Do you have referrals and reviews I can look at?

Testimonials and examples of the completed work are invaluable while hunting for quality siding contractors.

Many professional contractors will provide this without you even asking, via their website or a portfolio they carry with them as part of their sales presentation. If that information is not made available to you, be sure to ask this question. Examples convey experience better than words can.

Referrals provide you with an option to investigate the contractor with other homeowners. Ideally, you’ll contact three of these people to get well rounded feedback, but that’s up to you. No need to contact more than three, and one or two is better than none.

Average Cost To Install New Siding Typical Range: $5,240 - $8,130
See costs in your area

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